5 X 3 Ft Outdoor Storage Shed, With Lockable Doors, For Patio Lawn Backyard

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* This 5ft x 3ft garden storage shed is the ideal storage solution for small gardens or areas with limited space. It has the perfect size for storing bicycles, lawnmowers, barbeques and garden tools. As with all our steel sheds, this compact unit is constructed from galvanized steel sheets and sui generis aluminum frames.
* **[Practical Garden Storage Solution]** Featuring a pent roof, this 5ft x 3ft storage shed provides impressive storage room for garden tools, equipment, and materials.
* **[Punched Vents]** Unlike typical sheds with plastic vents, this shed comes with two integrated punched vents which will not deteriorate against sunlight.
* **[Robust Construction]** Nothing irks a garden hobbyist more than the sight of a collapsed shed. Luckily, this shed utilizes sui generis aluminum frames which greatly increase the overall sturdiness. On top of that, the galvanized steel panels, coated with eco-friendly painting, can endure harsh weather for at least 10 years.
* **[Hinged Door and Padlock]** A hinged door offers more customization opportunities than a sliding door does. A heavy-duty complimentary padlock grants extra safety.
* **[Easy to assemble]** The uniquely designed aluminum frames provide not only extra sturdiness but also a smooth assembly process. No experience is needed to finish the shed.


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