Designart ‘White Stained Floral Art’ Floral Circle Wall Art



Make the most out of a bare wall by transforming it into an Insta-worthy space
with this metal wall art from Designart. This stained glass floral art
instantly brightens up a room with its alluring swirl pattern in tones of grey
and white. This circle metal wall art features a white gloss coating for a
clean and polished look.


* Aluminum grade sheet metal construction
* White gloss coating ensures vibrant, vivid color
* 1-inch mounting frame gives the illusion of artwork floating on the wall
* Mounting brackets and instructions are included
* High quality digital images on glossy aluminum panel
* Stunning, captivating print
* Water-, fire-, and scratch-resistant design
* Wipes clean easily with microfiber cloth
* Easy to hang

**Size Options:**

* Small: 11 inches in diameter
* Medium: 23 inches in diameter
* Large: 29 inches in diameter
* XL: 38 inches in diameter


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