Durable Tool Storage House with Sliding Door Design

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Featuring a gable roof, this 6′ x 8′ storage shed provides impressive storage
room for garden tools, equipment, and materials.


* Durable Material
* Sliding Door Design
* Punched Vents
* Spacious Storage Space
* Easy Assembly


* Main Color: Dark Gray
* Net Weight: 119.6lbs
* Material: Galvanized Sheet + Galvanized Color Steel
* Overall External Dimensions: 109.05″L x 75.19″W x 75.59″H
* Internal Dimensions: 105.12″L x 72.26″W x 75.59″H
* Door Dimensions: 39.37″W x 59.05″H
* Wall Height: 61.02″

**Package includes:**

* 1* Tool Storage House


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