Madison Park Blue Embrace Framed Canvas With Gel Coat And Gold Foil With MDF Backer

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The Madison Park Blue Embrace Framed Gel Coat Canvas by Artist Blakely Bering
introduces a touch of color and class to your home. An abstract image of blue
and grey hues are blended together to create a soothing yet colorful design,
as beautiful flecks of gold foil detailing catch and reflect light to add a
warm touch to the canvas. A gold frame and gel coat finish provides a glossy
touch and protects the colors from fading, while an MDF backing and frame
provides structure and support. Measuring 25.6×25.6 inches and finished with 2
D-rings on the reverse, easily hang this framed gel canvas in your living room
or bedroom to give your decor modern and stylish update.


* Set Includes: One canvas
* Modern Framed Gel Coat Canvas with Gold Foil Wall Art
* Abstract design in cool hues of blue and grey
* Gel coated finish provides additional texture and a light glossy touch, while also preventing fading over time
* Gold foil embellishment for light sheen and added dimension
* Gold frame detailing for an elevated and updated look
* 3mm MDF backer for support and structure
* 2 D-rings on the reverse for easy hanging
* Spot clean only
* Artist: Blakely Bering

**Dimensions: **

25.6 inches wide x 1.61 inches deep x 25.6 inches high


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