Novica Handmade Shiva And Parvatis Jaimala Madhubani Painting



Devendra Kumar Jha works with natural vegetable dyes on handmade paper to
create this stunning Madhubani painting. Madhubani, a traditional style of
Indian painting, features eye-catching geometric shapes created with fingers,
twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks. This painting depicts Parvati and
Lord Shiva’s jaimala, the exchange of garlands in a Hindu wedding.

**Product Features:**

* Dimension: 5″ W x 14.5″ H
* Weight: 0.0418
* Color: Multicolor
* Material: Vegetable dye on handmade paper
* Material – Vegetable dye on handmade paper
* Size – 5″ W x 14.5″ H / Weight – 0.0418
* Unstretched
* Made in India

**Story Behind the art:**
Join us in congratulating to Devendra and Family for receiving the State Award
for Excellence for their Madhubani paintings! This award is conveyed by the
Government of Bihar for year 2012-2013. Along with the State Award, he has
also received the National Award for his Madhubani painting in the year 2013
conveyed by the president on behalf of the Government of India. I was born in
1969 in Jitwarpur, Bihar – an eastern state in India. My mother, who is a
state award winner in Madhubani, the painting style that I use, was my mentor.
Under her supervision and guidance I have emerged as an artist capable of
creating these paintings. In this school of art we do not make preliminary
sketches, nor is our work planned. We simply pick up our brushes and create. A
vivid and creative imagination is essential in this style of art, for while
motifs may be similar, no two paintings will ever be found to be the same.
Mithila, (in Bihar) is a scholastic and cultural center in India that traces
its lineage of arts from epic times. Mithila paintings – alternately called
Madhubani paintings – are a folk tradition kept alive by women in northern
Bihar. They depict events from epic, mythology and traditional designs on
their floors and walls of their houses using crushed wet rice and natural
colors. From this age old tradition stemmed the practice of drawing Mithila
paintings on a canvas of handmade paper or pure mulberry silk fabric using
natural colors and fabric dyes. Brushes, sharpened reeds and pen nibs are
used. Devendra Kumar Jha participates in numerous exhibitions conducted by the
Government of India throughout the country. He also participates in
exhibitions held abroad like Milan, Malaysia and Sri Lanka organized by the
Government of India.

_The handmade touch of artisan skill creates variations in color, size and
design. If buying two of the same item, slight differences should be expected.
Note: Color discrepancies may occur between this product and your computer



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