ONETAN 1.5-Inch Wood Split Bunkie Board/Slats, Mattress Bed Support,Fits Standard Size,

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The 1.5-inch Bunkie Board , Split Bunkie Board provides a surface
foundation for any platform beds, bunks and daybeds. It adds support to the
mattress and will keep mattress stay in good shape thus extending the life
of your mattress. It will give a firm bottom support for the mattress and
raises the mattress up for about 1.5 inches. When a mattress is placed
directly on slats or metal spring, the mattress will have the tendency to
rip or sink. These can be avoided with the use of a Bunkie board. Using a
Bunkie board doubles the mattress’ life expectancy. This Bunkie board is a
good alternative in lieu of a box spring that may be too high for day beds.
It will give the bed a lift without adding much height. This Bunkie board is
strong enough to be used directly on bed frame in lieu of a box spring. It
will give the mattress a lift which is a quite low but will definitely hold
up the mattress. It is wrapped in a stitch bonded nonwoven fabric. It meets
federal standards 1632 and 1633 fire code. This Bunkie Board will give you
enduring comfort and durability for an excellent sleep. The split design
will give you the convenience and easy mobility since the 2 piece varieties
are very light weight utilizing 2 smaller pieces making them easier to carry
and maneuver through the cramped quarters of an apartment our house.
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* BUNKIE BOARD COMES SPLIT IN TWO : Making it easy and convenient to carry, travel and store. Just put the two bed boards together and its ready to use
* IMPROVES YOUR NIGHTS REST : By adding firm support to any kind of bed for better back support, deeper sleep, fatigue reduction, spine position and blood flow
* SUPER STRONG : Stitch bond fabric material that can support heavy weight, can use two side-by-side to fit the matress, color-grey color may vary
* DOESNT MOVE AROUNG : under your mattress, as your bunky board gives you consistent support which equals a great nights rest and less back stiffness
* BOARDS EXTEND THE LIFE OF ANY MATTRESS : simply sliding it underneath, making your mattress feel firm, supportive, fresh and new
* WORKS GREAT WITH : bunk bed, platform beds, daybeds with supporting slat system


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