Patiowell 5′ x 3′ Metal Outdoor Storage Shed with Sloping Roof and Lockable Door

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**Utility Storage Room**

The smaller size can be flexibly placed in the backyard, garden or other
locations according to your needs. It can be used as a storage room or tool
room to make your yard more tidy; it can also be used as a pet room to provide
a warm and safe room for your pet.

**Durable** **Material** **and Stable Construction**

Sturdy structure and thick galvanized steel make it durable, rust free, and UV
resistant. The overlapped wallboard is waterproof and moisture-proof and can
be used safely in any weather condition.

**Sloping Roof and Lockable Door**

The outdoor storage shed has a sloping roof, which adds additional storage
space and prevents rust caused by rainwater accumulation. The lockable door
improves security, prevents your tools from being stolen, and also prevents
small animals from accidentally entering.

**Corner and Screw** **Protection** **Cap**

Plastic protective caps are provided at the sharp corners of the ceiling and
at each screw to improve safety and prevent you from being injured during
construction or use.

**Detailed** **Installation** **Steps**

The storage room has detailed installation instructions, and the assembly can
be completed faster according to the instructions and the hardware set.


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