Sleeplanner Dura Metal Comfort Base Bed Frame, Twin

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Made of premium, high **quality** **steel**. This patented bed frame can
replace all old and conventional box spring bases and provide **ultimate**
**support** to any existing and new beds. This unique and **easy-to-assemble**
**system** provides you with reliable, convenient **bedding** **support**.
Complete your bed room by putting a bed skirt on top of it.

* Safety Innovation – The side legs are 1.5 inches intelligently recessed for safety to prevent your toes from crashing when passing through the frame or changing sheets.
* Folding & Unfolding leg instruction – Stand up to pull outside on unfolding, Shrink to press the button by hand on folding.
* Supporting bar under frame allowing the frame to withstand heavy weight and pressure.
* Compared to internal fix legs, this new features allows you to make full space usage under your bed.
* Easy to Fix, No Additional Tool Needed. Use screw connected to both Frames by hand.


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