StyleCraft Aqua Horizon – Hand Painted Framed Canvas

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Aqua Horizon is a Hand Painted Framed Canvas from StyleCraft that is custom
embellished with brush strokes and scrapes for a unique character. This
minimalist abstract introduces a pop of color to a variety of spaces and is
framed in wood. This canvas is a statement piece with a contemporary style
that is ideal for open rooms.

* Due To The Hand Painted Accents and Printed Qualities, Each Piece Is Unique And No Two Are Exactly Alike.
* The Aqua Horizon I canvas painting has a rich aqua and deep blue color tone to bring the sea landscape to life.
* This piece is hand painted with embellishments of brush strokes and scrapes to create the depth and texture that bring this piece to life.
* Color/Finish: Aqua Blue, White, Grey Multi-Color, Acrylic Accents
* Material: Canvas, Wood, Acrylic Paint, Polystyrene
* Install Orientation: Horizontal


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