vidaXL Garden Shed Anthracite Steel

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This metal storage shed will be perfect for storing a wide variety of tools
and equipment. This storage shed has 2 vents in the front, ensuring excellent
ventilation. The double sliding doors in the front allow easy entry and exit.
The galvanised steel construction, along with a zinc-coated finish, makes it
durable and strong, so it won’t corrode or be affected by extreme weather. The
pre-cut, pre-drilled parts and the included instruction manual ensure fast and
easy assembly.


* Color: Anthracite
* Material: Galvanised steel
* Size with roof: 74.8″ x 48.8″ x 71.3″ (W x D x H)
* Sliding door size: 31.5″ x 62.6″ (W x H)
* Ground surface area: 70.9″ x 43.3″ (W x D)
* Featuring 2 vents, each with a size of 9.1″ x 3.9″


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